Sunday, April 10, 2011

PASSPORT STAMP: Teacherhst, lok, jay, Kenan Swaim, Dene, 7denis7, Alex Pribnow

Jeepers creepers, this has been a great start to 2011 for IADW! Another seven mighty new followers have signed up to follow my wee space of web-rental - let's meet 'em!

Teacherhst was the first of the seven to jump onboard. Lok runs the fantastic action figure site That Figures. Jay monitors all things cool over at The Sexy Armpit. Kenan Swaim and 7denis7 follow heaps of awesome and diverse blogs - glad IADW made the grade guys! Dene writes all about life's crazy and not so crazy times at Dene's Common Sense World Tour. And Alex Pribnow writes her blogs from the UK, which you can check out, starting with Malice In Underland, right here!

Welcome to IADW folks - Glad to have you aboard!


  1. teacherhst sounds like one of Alan's screen names (History Teacher, get it?) It's the one he uses on Playstation Network.

  2. Thanks for the welcome!

    (Although it's Iok with an ''i'' not an ''L'' - people often make that mistake.)

  3. Very cool blog. Thanks for the appreciative post. I appreciate the info you share on here!

  4. Thanks for the great feedback Kenan - glad you are liking what you find!

    No worries Iok - will keep the 'i' in mind - sorry bout that!

    Craig, it does too. I hope he has just the one screen name. I used to get lost which name I was where, so last year I went through and made them all the same - so much easier on a middle aged memory like mine!