Friday, April 22, 2011

STEAMPUNK'D: Invincible Custom Made Iron Man Going Now On eBay

In comics there's no character who should be on toy shelves more consistently than Iron Man (sorry Bats). The possibilities a guy in armor presents are endless.

As the whole Steampunk trend picks up, well steam, it only makes sense Marvel's armored red and gold avenger also heads the candidate list for a decent victorian era makeover. And decent he has got.

With a whopping 37 points of articulation you can currently bid for this Jonathan Kriscak made sucker on ebay, but I get the feeling with built in light-up features and oozing cool, it's going to go for a pretty penny more than you and I can probably spare. (Via)


  1. Somebody's birthday is coming up. Just saying. I've even got a spot picked out next to Starscream and 25th Anniversary Optimus.

  2. I hear the sounds of a thousand uber-geek engineers deconstructing this in their minds.

  3. Heymy birthday is just ahead to Craig! Maybe we'll have to go half n' half!

    Unless there is a Hulk one of course - then I'll just go with green!

    Thanks folks! Happy Easter!

  4. I'm an engineer, but there's nothing Uber about my skills. That's why I fly a desk in the sales office now. I do have a spot picked out on the shelf behind me for him though. And Dan, maybe we can work out some sort of custody schedule. We'll trade off every two weeks.