Thursday, May 26, 2011

COVER RUN: Mike Deodato Jr on She-Hulk

Cover Run celebrates the awesome work of the cover artist elite. This round, while I spotlighted his Thor covers in the lead-up to the Thunder God's movie, I felt guilty over omitting my favourite Mike Deodato Jnr numbers, those of She Hulk Vol2 #22 - 24, and 27-36. Here we go;

I had to start with the above, Mike's tribute to the iconic Hulk cover by the legendary Jim Steranko (right). Hot!

While I've never met a pic of Shulkie I didn't like, what I love about Mike's covers is that they put the 'savage' back in the She-Hulk, and often work the logo right into the cover illustration (something I've always been a sucker for)!

Strong, powerful images that still made She-Hulk sexy without resorting to 'cheesecake' type art. While Mike has a name in said cake field, I've always felt cheesecake and She-Hulk never really mixed. Jen's more of a rocker chick to me than that. 

My pick of the Marvel maidens since her stint in the Fantastic Four, these covers showcased why She-Hulk has had such lasting appeal. The best of the bunch is also the screensaver on my mobile phone - and has been since I saw it. Check it out for yourself;

Now that's a Hulk you don't want to mess with!


  1. some of those covers i've seen but some here i haven't so thanks Dan. and like you said i too have never seen a She-Hulk cover i didn't like.

  2. Love that last picture, but like Dave, didn't realize there was a bad pic of She Hulk

  3. Thanks guys! She Hulk is one of the characters I would most like to write an arc of. I have a pretty set idea of why she works though which might not float with some.

    Still another argument for the relaunch of a Marvel Knights style segment of the Marvel U I guess!