Wednesday, May 18, 2011

COVER SHOTS: The Best From DC's August 2011 Solicitations

DC teaches comic fans worldwide in August no matter the size of your disposable income, it will never be quite wide enough. From Cyborg in Flashpoint, to Etrigan The Demon in Batman's books and the death of a Legionnaire, it's more four colour goodness than any one wallet could possibly bare. The most tempting covers? These guys right here;

COVER OF THE MONTH: Darwyn Cooke - Justice Society Of America #54 Well slap my butt and call me Martha - if this doesn't make you long for a JSA title drawn by the illegally talented Mr Cooke, nothing will. The line-up, the logo worked into the illustration - the only thing missing is someone yelling 'SHAZAM!'

CLOSE CONTENDERS: Joshua Middleton - Wonder Woman #614, Yildiray Cinar and Jonathan Glapion - Legion of Super-heroes #16, and David Finch - Batman: The Dark Knight #5. For more DC August solicits click the jump.


  1. I'm torn between that JSA cover and the one in the post directly below. I remember the Darkness but never picked it up regularly. This one has a real Justice League Unlimited feel to it.

  2. Likewise Craig - but I'm thinking the JSA just squeaks this one out for me. Thanks to Hourman - esailly my favourite JSAer - down from Hawkman that is!

  3. I thought Hawkman was a member of the JSA, at least he was on Batman Brave and the Bold.

  4. Yeah, Hawks is Craig - and the chairman now and then too.

    If you haven't read any of Geoff Johns run on the team and you have a few dollars to spare, the return of Hawkman is a good place to start :D