Tuesday, May 03, 2011


When your mind is ticking down to a bout of boredom, a fun way to rev the brain out of it's funk is to type in the name of a random hero on Deviant Art, followed by 'redesign' and hit search. While the other day I was using 'Flash redesign' as a search term, I stumbled across the redesign gallery of Chinese artist Yifan Jiang, and this;

It took me a long, long time to get the hang of Guy Gardener, but now he's a character I get a massive kick out of, and can't help but think this more punk/biker look really works in his favor.

Yifan doesn't stop there. Captain Marvel, Aquaman, Flash and more all get the makeover treatment, which you can see here.

What about you though? If you had to reinvent the look of any fictional character, who would it be?


  1. Thanks Flávio! Glad you agree!

  2. OMG! This guy brought in my one of my clients Friday morning. :)

  3. He does fantastic work. I looked through a good portion of his DA portfolio after reading this yesterday.

  4. It's nicely drawned alright, but from a female perspective, this doesn't do him any favors.
    Through the years he's been through some very ugly looks but Guy is way cuter right now, than this drawing. :)