Monday, May 23, 2011

LEST WE FORGET: Revive Daimon Hellstrom

Despite having a first class ticket to ride, some of comics best characters and concepts miss the train departing and often get left to aimlessly wonder the platform, dead or even worse all but forgotten.

Fortnightly in Lest We Forget, I pluck one of those comic-limbo-lingerers from the station and pimp their need for a comeback. This time around it's ironically the Son of Satan himself; Daimon Hellstrom.

In the early days, my top heroes both wielded pitchforks. Over at DC it was the trident of Aquaman and at Marvel it was Daimon Hellstrom in the pages of The Defenders (Sure he's been called Hellstorm at times, but that's too 90's for my tastes - 'Hellstrom' has more class).

WHY HE IS COOL: Burn, Family Tree Burn
While his sister Satana has embraced her dark heritage, Daimon has clung to that from his mortal mother, in an effort to fight the forces of his father's devilish realm. With his mother institutionalised over the true identity of her partner, Hellstrom found a similar fate in his love for Defenders team-mate Patsy Walker - Hellcat.

As the two successfully reclaimed Hellstrom's stolen 'Darksoul', Patsy was driven insane by the sight of such evil. Tormented at having brought such darkness back into the world, Hellcat took her own life. Later as Lord of a realm of Hell, Daimon tricked Hawkeye's Thunderbolts in the name of love, by having them think they were saving Mockingbird's soul, only to have them revive Patsy's.

Plus in the ultimate touch of cool, Hellstrom rides a chariot drawn by three flaming hoofed horses! No character with a visual as cool as that can stay buried for long!

HOW I’D KEEP HELLSTROM ABOVE GROUND: We need more decent horror comics and no one has a better arsenal in this area than Marvel. Lead by the Son of Satan's hellfire abilities, I'd assemble the ultimate 'Suicide Squad'; a team of deceased villains and dishonoured heroes, who battle his sister and other arcane forces, in a last ditch attempt to live once more or die with honour and finally achieve eternal peace.

What do you think?


  1. I picked up the Marvel Essential Horror TPs a while ago (mainly as I wanted the Gabriel the Devil Hunter strips, as I remembered them from my childhood(!)) and there was some pretty good stuff in there.

    I concur - we need more horror titles.

  2. fantastic idea Dan. I'm a big fan of comics leaving the dead alone. If you've got the nuts to kill off a character (a popular one at that), you need to live with the fan backlash it creates. No more mysterious resurrections 6 months later. Now this is a great alternative. Give the well-loved deceased some well-deserved additional mileage.

  3. Thanks guys!

    iok, I think I have seen that collection but not yet brought it - glad it has some decent material inside though!

    Maybe Marvel could do an anthology book like in days gone by with one lead feature/character and back-ups of the likes of Werewolf By Night, and Blade?

    Going of on a tangent here but I really wish Marvel would reopen Marvel Knights and get a bit more cult stories going for both the horror crew and the likes of Dr Strange.

    Glad you like my idea Craig, I think it would be the best of both worlds too. In fact now I've written the idea out, I'm already thinking of a cast and how the first adventure would shake out!

  4. Wait--Hellstrom's back, isn't he? He was helping Doctor Strange and the New Avengers save existence from Agamotto (as in "Eye of"...he wanted it back). And he was cussing out Patsy in his debut scene for not coming back to him. You guys might want to check out the end of New Avengers Vol 1 and the beginning of New Avengers Vol 2.

  5. He sure is BlackEmerald, he was even in the Chaos War event as part of the God Squad and drawn better than ever by Dan Panosian!

    This posting and many future ones of Least We Forget is not so much meant that the character is dead, but rather one not getting to much spotlight at the moment, but one I'd like to see hog alot more in future - before they get forgotten.

    Maybe the title of the post series needs a little reworking - sorry for any confusion - but thanks for the comments!