Saturday, May 21, 2011

MOMENTS IN COOL: Galactus vs. The In-Betweener (Silver Surfer Vol3 #18)

You don't have to read IADW long before you learn I have a serious fan freak on for Galactus. He's the ultimate sign of the groove Kirby and Lee created in The Fantastic Four, and still a "Holy &^$*#!" moment when he rings the doorbell in the modern Marvel U.

In the pages of Silver Surfer #18, someone feeling of equal size and power decided to take Mr G to task - smashing planets and taking names in the process. Yip, the man with the giant purple helmet took on the dude with the equally porn-friendly name of The In-betweener, and the first punch of the royal rumble went a little something like this;

Now that's a splash page! Arist Ron Lim was definitely channeling a little Barry Windsor Smith on this issue - the detail was fantastic!

Speaking of 'fantastic', while Galactus was helping out Reed, Franklin and Susan Richards, plus the Surfer, Nova (and remotely us), by trying to banish the monochromatic miscreant back to the Chaos and Order dimension - the In-Betweener didn't want to budge. (Hey, it was the 80's! Where else was he gonna' get another giant karate jacket from?)

Handing out more than his fair share of the asteroid-belt down, as you can see Galactus lived up to his own tradition of never laying down a beatin' without screaming his own name.

While I always think 'Taste planet biotch!' will always be a simpler, classier line (sorry Steve Englehart!), this book's smackdown has moves that would make even Triple H or The Rock jealous.

The ultimate bone-cruncher for those needing a little more iron in their diet? This one right here;

Yeah that is going to need more than a band-aid. Still, when the page starts 'I survived the destruction of my universe...' you know it's going to be a good one!

While the winner of this title fight is not nearly as important as the crazy-fun scale of the throwdown itself, complete-ists among you can find the answer tucked away behind this wee cover here. FIGHT!

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