Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MORTAL KOMBAT: LEGACY Episode 6 and 7 (Video)

Ready for the latest dose of the ultimate 'fan film' series Mortal Kombat: Legacy? Well strap yourself in good because Raiden is stepping up on stage (albeit in a straight jacket), and he's bringing Scorpion and Sub Zero with him!


  1. I am having mixed feelings on the new mortal kombat revamped series,i like the new direction for some characters, while others do not seem fitting in my opinion. my favorite so far is the first episode and kitana's episode. But so far i am impressed and hoping for the better

  2. Thanks for the great comments IFF! I was a little surprised at Raiden, but by the end I actually love how it worked out.

    Im a sucker for that though Im always more interested in the likes of Kano then the big players like Scorpion and SubZero. Can't wait to see how they handle Goro!!