Thursday, May 05, 2011


Of course yellow is the colour of fear in the Green Lantern mythology. I mean look at it's real world applications; it's on caution signs the world over and it's the colour of Big Bird. The only known survivor of his species, one that towers over small children with a smile and a large beak, reciting A-B-C's while rumours abound there is a grown man in his belly. I mean what's not to be afraid of?

Luckily in the upcoming Green Lantern movie Hal Jordan steps up to fight yellow's influence, but from the looks of this trailer they could be saving the Big Bird showdown until the sequel.


  1. well i have to say i'm getting more used to Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. although it would help if they did something with his hair. and as far as i know this is our first live action peak at Basset as Amanda Waller. can't much from that little 2 or 3 seconds worth though. by the way what is it that seems to be threatening the Universe? it kinda reminds me of how they did Galactus in FF II. i gotta imagine if nothing else Green Lantern will be better then that peace of shit. was that Michael Clarke Duncan as Kilowog?

  2. yep. MCD provides Kilowog's voice. Pretty sweet casting.