Friday, May 06, 2011


Growing up I had a pretty artistic mother. On rainy days we had colouring in competitions and she always drew a close second. Then on my birthday she always iced an amazing shaped cake, related to whatever I was in to at the time.

Then in this morning's Google Alerts was an Iron Man vs. Robot cake, and suddenly I got envious, knowing Mum's four egg, flour and icing creations were in for a challenge. Behold;


  1. It's time to play hardball my friend. "Mom, if you REALLY loved me..." and slide this picture across the table. Good luck.

  2. That is an amazing cake.
    Whould you have the courage to eat it?
    Its like those candles with animals or angels shapes. If you burn them, you ruín them.
    Still, if your mom is up for a challenge...

  3. At this age Craig Mum would just slide the photo right on back, but other kids out there might benefit where I cannot by doing the same :D

    I agree Aliera! Who could cut that? It is to amazing to run a knife through!

  4. Okay, I'm not saying I could make THAT cake. I'm not that good. But being a mom who's kids continuously watch Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes and are always challenging me to make weird birthday cakes, let me tell you, I would strangle them if they DIDN't eat it after I worked the three days to make the darn things. I'm just saying.

  5. LOL!
    My oldest, eats everything. And still, when I make a cake, which everyone else says they love, he bites a nible and afterwards mumbles, "I don't want anymore".
    That is annoying.
    We have a saying here: "And God gives nuts, to those without teeth"

  6. Can just see that in the news Random; 'Mum Strangles Kid On Birthday - Cake Believed To Be Motivation'

    Mind you what is cake never motivation for? :D

    I love that phrase Aliera - Might have to steal that off you from time to time!