Tuesday, June 14, 2011

COVER RUN SPECIAL: Michael Turner's Top 6 Marvel Covers

Cover Run celebrates the awesome work of the cover artist elite. This round, as the first part to a tribute of the amazing cover work by the late Michael Turner, I spotlight the top six covers done by his inspirational pen, on characters from the House of Ideas.

6) Civil War #6 (Retailer Exclusive Variant)

Turner was in his element underwater. With the Sub-Mariner he was not only able to make Atlantis come alive, but also capture the character's pompous strength, without making him seem like a jerk. Oh yeah, the Invisible Woman ain't that bad either...

5) Civil War #5 (Retailer Exclusive Variant)

Hot damn, if there was ever a Marvel costume that needed a bullet it was Peter Parkers 'Iron Spider' gettup. Luckily Michael had an unpredictable talent at drawing the Punisher and Frank Castle showed up to do the job - stealing the cover in the process.

For the top four Marvel / Turner covers, click through here.

4) 2007 Wizard World Los Angeles Program Cover

Once I get past believing in adamantium skeletons I find it hard to stomach that a skilled hunter like Wolverine, would run around in blue and gold. It's either the unbeaten rust and browns or civvies. Here Turner showed just how powerful, pure and cool the latter option is.

3) World War Hulk #1 Aspen Comics Exclusive

No, when Hulk screams he doesn't explode super-heroes (though that would be kind of cool). In covers like these, I like to think aside from the major sellers the artist gets to add their favourites like Rouge and Colossus I'm guessing are here.

2) Incredible Hulk #100 (Retailer Incentive Variant)
Considering he made his name on women who ate a cornflake for dinner, there's barely a female centric cover on this list. But who else is going to knock an alien out like that? Ms. Marvel? Pwease.


Okay, so part of my love for this cover is the retro-ish logo, but like I said the man was unmatched when it came to drawing underwater. Look at the tension those bubbles add! No wonder it's the only non-variant on the list. Everyone should own this puppy.


In two weeks: Turner's Best DC Covers! Before that though, what do you think of these marvelous beauties? And what Marvel based Michael Turner covers do you remember?


  1. I'd love to grab the graphic novel of Civil War and give it a read.

  2. The first issue ends with one of the best Cap scenes ever Craig but I dont really remember that much myself. Oh yeah and the Invisible Woman takes on Thor....