Sunday, June 12, 2011

COVER SHOTS: The Best From Dark Horse Comics' September 2011 Solicitations

And you thought DC was the only one announcing their September line-up - well Dark Horse Comics is about to buck that trend. Of all the books they offer in the month of Sep, these covers are the finest.

COVER OF THE MONTH: JAKE MURRAY - KULT #3 (of 4) Yikes! As if I didn't need to motivate myself enough to go to the dentist already, now we have comics covered in crazed, knife-weilding loonatics role-playing the gig! Brr creepy but from such an unusual perspective you just can't look away...

CLOSE CONTENDER: FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA ABE SAPIEN: THE DEVIL DOES NOT JEST #1 - I'm turning into such a big fan of this guy, I no longer think F.F. stands for 'Fantastic Four'! 

Here it's the thought that went into making three visuals one hell of a composite image, that Francesco - he doesn't just draw - he designs.

More Dark Horse September madness after the jump!

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