Wednesday, June 15, 2011

COVER SHOTS: The Best From Marvel's September 2011 Solicitations

While DC makes enough noise about their September line-up that you'd think they were at a Greek wedding, Marvel Comics keeps the acceleration building with a fresh look at the Ultimate line, and event hulla-balloo Fear Itself. Oh yeah, and big change in the history of one of the best Avengers ever, Wonder Man. The top covers of the month; these four right here...

COVER OF THE MONTH: PATRICK ZIRCHER - SPIDER-ISLAND: THE AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL #2 (OF 3) What do you get when you take a classic Spider-Man image, then swap Peter Parker for Wilson Fisk? A predatory but wicked cover that really is Kingpin of the comic racks.

CLOSE CONTENDERS: Kaare Andrews - Ultimate Comics Ultimates #2, Gabriele Dell'Otto - New Avengers Annual #1, and Marcos Martin - Daredevil #4. For more Marvel September solicits click the jump.


  1. What!! David Aja's wolverine cover did not make your cut?

  2. Ha! Thought you might think that was missing when I put the four together IFF!

    Good call though it is a great cover!