Saturday, June 11, 2011

DC 52 WALL STREET: The Shazam Free Finals

Well I wasn't expecting this one. I could've sworn DC would give one of the remaining 52 #1 spots to Captain Marvel, but I guess they have to leave some thunder for another day.

Here's how the final 'super' titles look;

TOP 5% 
ACTION COMICS #1 Grant Morrison sure likes to rock the boat and see who flips. Following his definitive All Star Superman, Grant returns with a Superman defending a world that doesn't trust their first super-hero. Art; Rags Morales.

SUPERGIRL #1 She's a teenager with the powers of Superman, without his affection for us humans. Yikes! Writers; Michael Green and Mike Johnson, Art; Mahmud Asrar.

SUPERMAN #1 Superman, but not as you knew him, by writer George Perez. Art; Jesus Merino.

SUPERBOY #1: A failure of an experiment, Superboy is about to show the world exactly what a combination of Kryptonian and human DNA can do. Writer; Scott Lobdell, Art; R.B. Silva and Rob Lean.

What do you think of these titles?


  1. Even in the hands of Morrison, another Superman origin story is overkill. Was Secret Origin inadequate?

  2. Pensol12:53 pm

    I don't know. I want to trust that DC knows what they're doing but I have a sinking feeling that this whole "reboot and renumber everything" idea is...not so good.

  3. Hey Doug and Pensol - thanks for the great comments!

    @Doug yeah I'm thinking Superman's origin is turning into DC's 'Days of Future Past' It's like hasn't that cow been milked enough yet? Still I do LOVE Morrison...

    @Pensol My biggest worry is that some great titles will lose out, get cancelled and that will be it. Still my spider-sense is tingling. I think there's a catch that DC hasn't announced yet. I mean where is the JSA?