Saturday, June 25, 2011

GENE COLAN 1926-2011: Remembering The Man Without Fear (Video)

Before I craved Jack Kirby I loved Gene Colan. This morning I woke to the news Gene had finished his ongoing fight with poor health, and at the age of 84, moved on from this life. I was stunned.

Before anything else is said, thoughts go to those he loved. I truly hope the various comic community memorials on this day, help fully illustrate how appreciated this man, this legend of the industry truly is.

While I'm guessing the majority of his fans found their first hits on his iconic work for Iron Man, The Sub-Mariner, Dracula or Batman, mine came though a Marvel Comics Presents cover, featuring Colossus shaking the Black Panther out of a tree. That was it; Fan. For. Life.

GREAT MEMORIES: My favourite Colan cover (The Mighty Avengers #63) and my introduction to Gene's work (Marvel Comics Presents #13)
As this was pre-internet days for me (yes I'm that old!), what I discovered with my initial steps onto the world-wide-web was that a good chunk of Gene Colan's earlier career was spent visually upping the ante for my ultimate Marvel addiction; Daredevil.

Here, taken from the DVD feature The Men Without Fear: Creating Daredevil, the man himself talks about his time on the blind marvel and what that passion meant for his family.

As you an see from the art shown in the video, it was a perfect match. His unmistakable talent of taking risks with page layout and design back when it was almost unheard of to do so, matched the fearless yet physical antics of the character. Every page Gene drew in his trademark silhouette style, re-explored how moments like the one you were reading were done.

Now in this moment of moments, in lieu of flowers, his daughter Nanci has stated contributions are favoured towards the establishment of a Gene Colan Scholarship at the Joe Kubert School. If you would like to help future aspiring comic book artists reach similar heights in Gene's name, contribution details available after the jump.

Gene Colan 1926-2011


  1. Pensol2:00 pm

    RIP. One of the true greats has passed to the realm immaterial. And, finances permitting, I shall contribute to the scholarship.

    "As this was pre-internet days for me (yes I'm that old!)"

    Aw you look great for a man in his 90s (j/k )!

  2. Yeah and I have push-up's to thank for that!

    Seriously though Pensol I agree - one of the greats has passed on. The scholarship though sounds awesome so hopefully good things will come of it.