Thursday, June 16, 2011

THE GRANT HAS SPOKEN: Morrison On DC's New Wave and That Guy Called Superman

I'd love to know what comics Grant Morrison would write if he had his own company. Forget the army of clones and moolah required to pull it off, this is a guy whose 'luke warm' issues I re-read more than others which seem better on release. Fact is his work is always fresh and packed with so many ideas, you actually feel like you are getting your money's worth out of your ten minute read.

Now he's recreating Superman, a character he calls the "greatest idea we've had as a human species". I can't wait.


  1. So this is similar to the "Ultimates" storylines over at Marvel, reinventing the existing characters....but taking it that extra step and not keeping the current continuity. I like this idea. Kind of goes with my current philosophy for comics, movies, TV series: Go big or go home. And if you are going to "go big", commit to it. Don't do it for the shock value, then weasel your way back out of it (bringing people back from the dead, ignoring continuity, etc...)

  2. Thanks Craig!

    I once thought reinventing Superman was like 'Ultimate Bible' - something that just didn't need doing. Superman is bigger in the real world then pretty much all Marvel combined - so why 'Ultimateize'?

    But the more I read stories of how Grant may be approaching Superman the more I'm getting excited. Especially if it seems he's going back to the non-flying more Doc Savage kind of guy...

  3. Pensol2:17 pm

    Now this is interesting. I've always wondered what an "Ultimate" DC would look like. Still don't think it's necessary to renumber the books, though. Just keep it a separate line - or is that what DC is doing?

  4. That's a good question Pensol - with the Justice Society pretty much missing as well as Captain Marvel, something feels like it's still to be revealed doesn't it?

  5. It's all very intriguing. Do we know yet whether the Superman Superman is the same guy as the Action Superman? It seems as if we're getting different Earths.

  6. Thanks Martin - I think so aye but being male I have been know to be wrong before!

    I think Grant is doing Superman's origin, George is doing the Superman that arose from that origin and the young looking dude on the cover of Justice League? Well I'm still working on that one ;D

    Hope you are having a great June!