Monday, June 27, 2011


Just when Superman, Batman and Aquaman thought they had a bit of room to spread out in their new Justice League headquarters, maybe chuck in a pool table or three, comes a discovery by DC Women Kicking Ass that suggests eight equally well drawn bodies are looking to join the clubhouse.

Drawn by Jim Lee, the spread is to be used as promo art on glasses at this years San Diego Comic-Con.

For me there never should be a league without Green Arrow, and seeing other core leaguers like The Atom, Firestorm and Hawkman at his side means we are finally getting back an all-star League line-up!

For those struggling on the other faces, Deadman and Mera step up from their roles in Brightest Day and Element Woman carries over from Flashpoint. That leaves the female beneath Hawkman. Could this be Black Canary - or another Wildstorm import? Jenny Sparks or Zealot perhaps? Who do you think it is?

Justice League, by writer Geoff Johns and Jim Lee leads DC's 52 title relaunch with #1 hitting August 31st.


  1. Jose Alvaro11:06 am

    According to Comic Art Community, that girl is Power Girl. If she is or not, we won't know till September.

    Greetings from Spain.

  2. This is going to be good :)
    I missed this kind of group.

  3. I vote for Black Canary. And I for one like Jim Lee's costume designs here. I like the choice to get away from the underroos over the tights on Superman and Batman. It's a small change that really goes a long way for me. Not sure why Superman needs a belt where he's wearing a bodysuit, but who am I to question his accessorizing.

  4. Buenos días Jose! Bienvenido a la It's A Dan's World! Hopefully I got that right - it's been a couple of years since I learned Spanish!

    That's one for Power Girl and one for Black Canary - both good choices, but like Jose says, we probably won't know until September rolls round!

    I like the new designs too Craig - and glad the Calvin's got the boot. There has to be a joke in there some where but I just can't word it.

    I agree Aliera - I'm glad the satellite feel is back to the league. I was sold at Cyborg, but this is a good 'other' move too!

    Thanks for the comments all!

  5. I vote for Black Canary. She's always been a favorite. But...alas...I also want to see Power Girl. :( Can't we have them both?

    I do like the new costumes. And Craig, he needs the belt because all the blue would be too jarring. It needs to be broken up.

  6. Random, that's what colored tee shirts are for, that splash of color.

  7. Yes, but they're not very aerodynamic. And hard to wear with a cape.

  8. Haven't you seen the Incredibles? No capes.

  9. See? Cartoons can be educational "no capes" is the golden rule of Incredibles (and one of the funniest scenes) but if anyone can break a rule and getaway with it, it's Superman.

    Also isn't it weird how this far into comics, costume design is now moving towards the original design styles of Hal Jordan GL, and Barry Allen Flash. They really were ahead of their time!

  10. There are a few costumes that I've always considered iconic and untouchable. Because they, quite simply, didn't need to be fixed. Flash and GL are definitely in that category. Spider-man. (black costume notwithstanding, the original is the best) I think Kid Flash was another of those.

    And yes, NO CAPES. Except for certain exceptions, of course. Cause you don't tug on Superman's cape.

  11. I completely agree Random, and I'd also add a lot of Dave Cockrum's designs to that list too - like Ms. Marvel, and Nightcrawler.

    Glad you made an exception for the black spidey though - it has to tie with the original. In fact just thinking on it now - so much press gets given to the worst costume changes I might do one on the best advances...

    And I dont know about you but the more I hear Don't the more I get curious to see what happens when I do.

  12. :) I think it would depend on who was tugging on the cape.