Thursday, June 02, 2011

SAVED BY THE BELL: Today I See X-Men: First Class

Okay so I'm caving. After months of not buying into the hype of the latest X-flick, I've now heard such great stuff about it, I've got a ticket to see it in just over two hours (yeah, I know; with this kind of willpower I'll never be a Green Lantern, but I'll live).

My review will follow later today, but be warned Mum; I could well be saying it while eating my hat and you know what you told me as a kid about talking with my mouth full... See folks? I had a 'first class' too.


  1. Dan, i wanna know about it right away even if you just email me! i'm going to have to do something about this phenomena of movies coming out in NZ before they do here it's not right i tell you! the X-Men trilogy over all was ok but i really want this to be much better.
    so get back to me right away unless you happen to meet a cute nerdy dream girl like Randomnerd or Aliera.

  2. Saw this last night. Would love to hear your thoughts about it. I thought it was fantastic! I'm so lucky to be living in NZ right now!

  3. Hey Ender - glad to have another Kiwi on board! I agree it was mind blowing in all the right ways.

    To you both I've just posted the review - let me know what your thoughts are!

    As for NZ Dave, like I said - we gets em early I hear because we go to the movies more per head of capita which makes us a good yardstick.

    Sorry - daytime audience was all guys though.