Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SHIELD MUTHA F@%!A: Jackson Takes Over The Cover To Nick Fury Agent Of Shield #1

You folks are still checking out COVERED aren't you? You know the blog where everyday artists put their spin on the crazy-cool comic book covers of the past? If that wasn't incentive enough, feast your eyes on Damian DeMartino's remix, shuffling Samuel L Jackson - the Marvel Studios variety Nick Fury, with Jim Steranko's iconic cover to Nick Fury, Agent of Shield #1.

Just when you thought modern art couldn't be improved on! Hopefully Damian's already getting prints sorted. I'm sure at his nearest Con these things would sell like crazy.

Visit Damian's website syntheticcitizen, right after the jump.


  1. "say what again! i dare you! i double dare you mutha f@%!A!! it never gets old.

  2. Ha - I thought of you as soon as I saw this Dave! Now we just need Nick Fury to ask for a Royale with Cheese.

    He was in a doughnut store in Iron Man 2 - talk about your missed opportunities!

  3. Now that kicks some major ass. I really think I need to borrow this.

    Someone get these motherf&$#ing hydras off my motherf&$#ing helicarrier.

  4. Hahaha! I love that. Thank you, Samuel L. Jackson for forever putting that line into our heads. And thank you, Mr. DeMartino for putting what we've all been imagining on a cover.

  5. This is very cool. I loved Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury...
    I love him anyway :)
    This is an amazing cover.

  6. Seems like it's a unanimous hit! Though Craig I am liking that line better haha - Marvel need to use that!

  7. Pensol3:22 pm

    "Man, that Nick Fury is one bad mutha -"

    "Shut yo' mouth!"

    "Just talkin' about Nick."


    Oh come on, you knew that one was coming sooner or later...

  8. Hahah - somehow Pensol - I sense a Jackson/Fury meme coming on ;D

    Thanks for the comments!