Tuesday, June 28, 2011

WESTY WATCH: Drawing The Avengers West Part 1: Picking The Team

One of the sweet things about Avengers West was the way Hawkeye griped about Cap and the east coast crew always stealing their press.

Not only did it suit the archer to a tee, it was an in-comic crack that mirrored the real world's reaction to the two titles. Sure, all the media attention was on the "main book", but like fans of the Grateful Dead and other under-appreciated artists or movies we didn't care, because in it's pages was where the real heroes were avenging.

With Avengers West now disbanded and the series ended, I want to help balance the ratio of fan art between the coasts, by using the team in my first ever group drawing. While it won't be a Jim Lee X-Men #1, I'm liking the challenge and will post my progress here on IADW.

This week; the line-up. For me, the westys always felt better in smaller numbers, so I'm running with the team of; Hawkeye, Tigra, Wonder Man, Hank Pym and U.S.Agent. Now onto the drawing!


  1. Sounds good! I can't wait to see it! But what about Mockingbird?

  2. Ha! You don't know what you are doing - my line-up took me ages!! I feel bad leaving Mockingbird, Scarlet Witch, War Machine and Spider-Woman on the side - but who knows who I can sneak in if the others leave me room.

    I thought of doing a Westy version of the Secret Wars #1 cover by Mike Zeck but might stick to doing an original so I don't offend anyone ;D

  3. Scarlet Witch HAS to be there.
    If she survives Hawkeye's resentment.
    Any team with USAgent is good fo r me, though. I miss west coast avengers.

  4. Oh Dan, I don't think that would offend anyone! And it would look sweet!

    Aliera...I miss them too. I miss the angst. The drama...the need to prove themselves. Twas a cool book.

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing your work here, Dan!

  6. Wow guys - thanks for all the support! This is part of why I love blogging!

    I miss the Westies to Aliera - and you are right, the witch does have to be in there...

    Random and Doug - I hope you guys are all as excited to see it when it actually goes up! IADW doesn't offer refunds for having to look at bad art ;D

  7. Oh hush. I'm quite confident it'll be lovely. And if it's not...well. We'll think of something suitable.

  8. I'm sure I'll love it.
    Me and Randow will be chearing
    Dan! Dan! Dan!

    When are we seeing it?

  9. I'm hoping in two weeks Aliera! Maybe even faster - I've never had my own cheerleaders before ;D

  10. The "It'sADan'sWorld" Dan'sGirls. I vote for GoGo boots with the cheerleader uniforms.

  11. I'm likin where you're going with that Craig - will put those iron-cheerleaders in Iron Man 2 to shame too!

  12. Well...Aliera and I are way cooler than them. And probably have a higher IQ each than theirs combined. And I love go-go boots! So there you go.