Friday, June 24, 2011

WRAPPED WITH CAP The Latest 'First Avenger' Trailer of Shield-Slinging Set-up

I still can't get over how they shrunk Chris Evans for the early years of Captain America: The First Avenger - that's what a diet of Twinkies and junk food will do to you. Inject a few vegetables (or 'super soldier formula') and look what happens - instant Cap.


  1. Great minds and all, I found this last night too. I am so psyched for this movie now. Each trailer looks better and better. I think this may be the movie of the summer.

  2. I agree Craig -from the 'dive on the grenade' scene to the Mission Impossible feel, I'm now thinking this could be the biggie!

  3. and that line "I'm just a kid from Brooklyn".

  4. Pensol1:51 pm

    Now that is just straight up pimpin'!

    "I'm just a kid from Brooklyn!"

    LOL represent!! I think y'all are right Dan, this could be the blockbuster Hollywood has been waiting for.

  5. "I'm just a kid from Brooklyn" is that the sequel to JLo's "I'm just Jenny from the block"? ;D

    Still it's odd how that line is the core of Marvel. Regular guys, doing great things. Nova, especially used to use that line a lot. It's always easier forking out for a film when you know they have the basics right.

    Thanks Pensol!