Saturday, July 30, 2011

COMIC CON'S GOT TALENT: Cosplay Fans Perform P!nk's 'Raise Your Glass' (Video)

Free of the Monday-Friday slog, Saturday's the day for upbeat tunes and crazy-fun antics. Over at the London Film and Comic Expo, a group of dedicated fans thought they'd show the Saturday style is their way of life, by lip-syncing to P!nk's ultra-infectious hit Raise Your Glass.

While the title line is sadly never sung by an in or out of armour Tony Stark, Batwoman, Spidey, Black Cat, Deadpool and more all join in on the remix - and yes they even give the line 'Why so serious' to the Heath Ledger Joker guy.

Crank your speakers up loud and hit play - even throw in your own moves if the mood strikes you, after all it is the Saturday thing to do.

For more of these fun-loving folks, visit them on Facebook.


  1. Thanks Rob - ain't it just. That scene with Batwoman and her cape is awesome. Don't remember Jack Sparrow having that much co-ordination though!

  2. That was well done. Izzy loved it but I had to plug her ears a few times as they didn't use the "radio friendly" version. Batwoman was the best of the lot in my opinion too for the same reason. Loved the cape flapping in the wind.

  3. Your a good dad Craig - do you have to make reasons for the lightning fast ear plugs, or has Izzy clicked on to the motive?