Monday, July 11, 2011


When it comes to wicked in comics, no one does it like the ladies. Now I'm tossing aside the usual 'A-list' suspects of the femme fatale elite like Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Mystique, and Elektra, to look at the Top 10 Other Evil Beauties that just might trump them all.

10) Spiral (Marvel) One of two Ann Nocenti creations on this list, the over-confident X-antagonist Spiral doesnt get enough press. I mean she's a multi-armed, sword weilding sorceress with a gift for cybernetics! What's not to love?

9) The Enchantress (Marvel) It takes a lot to hold sway over an Asgardian warrior like Thor, yet Stan and Jack creation Amora, would live up to her name and the task - even without her mystical skill-set.

8) Fatality (DC) Any moment now, Yrra Cynril will snap out of the love of the Star Sapphires, and get back into hunting the Green Lantern Corps over the destruction of her homeworld. Cynical huh?

7) Devastation (DC) The most under-rated Wonder Woman foe. Formed from clay by the titan Chronus, Deva's god given powers allow her speed, flight, control of emotions, strategy, an instinct to instantly know how to kill anything, and the ability to shape minds to her will.

6) Lashina (DC) The feild leader of the Female Furies for Granny Goodness is a strategic assassin, both in her classic Kirby look or as the bald-headed dominatrix prostitute she became in Gant Morrison's revamp of the New Gods.

5) Hela (Marvel) Further proof that Jack Kirby did some of his best designs on Thor, Hela, daughter of Loki proves you don't need to be a male or the devil to rule over the kingdom's of the dead - a scheming Asgardian will do just fine.

4) Saturn Queen (DC) A telepathic juggernaut, the heartless ways in which Eve Aries revels in evils banned from her home planet makes her a unpredictable opponent for the Legion of Super-Heroes!

3) Faora Hu-Ul (DC) A Kryptonian serial-killing martial-artist, with a hatred of men and the powers of Superman. That evil enough for you?

2) Madame Hydra - Viper (Marvel) Raised through the ranks of HYDRA, Viper has become the venomous snake's most strategic head and unrelenting weapon. Having no super-powers doesn't stop this Jim Steranko creation from posing the ultimate terrorist threat.

1) Well, you'll have to click through for her (Jump).

1) Typhoid Mary (Marvel)

One of my all time favourites, created by my top Daredevil creative team (artist John Romita Jnr and highly unsung writer Ann Nocenti) - Typhoid Mary would top my list even if the A-list female rouges were aloud to compete.

A pyrokinetic, telekinetic, mind-controller, Typhoid Mary's brain is equally as fractured due to dissociative identity disorder. Her three core personalities; timid Mary who knows nothing of what the others do, the lusty feverish Typhoid and the violently unstable Bloody Mary - make her one rich yet volatile self proclaimed feminist fighter.

Who are your favourite non A-list female villains?


  1. I had a feeling you were going to work Typhoid Mary into a post after your comment on Dave's site last week. Nice picks all. I can't argue a one, but would like to suggest a few honorable mentions: Poison Ivy and Mystique

  2. good mentions Craig. i'm just glad Dan got Lashina in there. but over all those are all good selections. if i wasn't in a bit of a rush right now i go see Dan's original 10 selection before leaving a comment. oh well i can always comment later if need be. my mother isn't a comic book character but can i have her added to the list or at least to the next list just on general principle?

  3. Aww and Dave wins the hearts of ladies everywhere!

    Yeah Craig, Typhoid Mary is a weakness of mine - I especially love how Joe Kelly wrote her in Deadpool, and how Pool could be hired by the two different personalities unaware they each other had.

    Mystique was a hardie to leave out that's for sure - pre X-Men she wasn't A-List but afterwards she's beyond thunderdome. Talia Al Ghul was another one on the razors edge... So many great characters.

    I didn't realise how many comics I had with Viper in to! What an awesome number two...

  4. I love the Typhoid Mary at number one, and I'm a huge fan (er...non fan?) of Saturn Queen. I always want to see her taken down. Another one people usually forget is the original Terra, from the Teen Titans. Who, yes, I know, is dead. But she did manage to infiltrate and take them out, for a time, and break Gar's little heart. Not to mention the fact that she was unredeamably psychotic.

  5. Terra!! Exactly - I always loved how it was there in her name all along. Terra as in earth, but Terror by nature. I hate the idea of bringing hero Terra back into the DCU though. If anything I'd push her further the other way.

    No wonder there's a reason most places do these lists with 100 characters!