Wednesday, July 20, 2011

COVER RUN: The Marvel UK vs Marvel US Secret Wars Covers

Cover Run usually spotlights great stints by cover artists who really make the gig something sweet. This time round though I thought I'd run a comparison between the covers 80's Marvel event Secret Wars got in the US and the ones they bore in the UK.

Being an importer of all things cool, here in New Zealand we got them both. The US versions came in their standard comic size and the UK's came in the usual 200AD format size, with a portion of a US issue mixed in with a back-up feature in each. Back-up's included Ice Man, Alpha Flight and DROIDS - remember those?

Here's the UK covers that ran on the extra in-between issues;

A Nightcrawler solo cover is never a bad thing, but there's more...

Okay so one of those is a swipe from The Fantastic Four, but if Klaw can grab a UK cover or two, so can a classic John Byrne image!

As for the original US versions and their UK mirrors, you'll have to click through to the next page for those!

Talk about classic covers! In fact there's only one left to go, which the UK crowd made a slight tweak too;

Christmas - when you care enough to send the very blast!


  1. i'm going to have to with he original covers Dan. but i'm about as biased on this as one could be admittedly. great posting none the less!

  2. Thanks Dave! You mean not even She-Hulk getting a cover swayed you? Everyone likes Jen!