Thursday, July 28, 2011

THE DARK KNIGHTS: Polish Mural Unites Hellboy, Batman, Spawn and More

Sometimes I wonder why inter-company comic crossovers don't include more companies. Batman / Hellboy / Vampirella or Judge Dredd / Green Lantern / Transformers - adding that extra wheel would surely get more fans along for the ride.

Taking a leaf out of that idea, a mural in Poland has united The Hulk, Punisher, Daredevil, Hellboy and a few more of comics darkest, into one ass-kickin' masterpiece. Check this out;


  1. Pensol7:53 pm

    I'd LOVE to see a Thor/Superman crossover. Only trouble is I can't imagine who they'd go up against that could make the thing last beyond the first four panels. Maybe what's-his-name from Boom! Studios, that Superman-expy - Plutonian? Then it'd be a three way crossover...

  2. Hmmm good call Pensol! Who would I add to Thor/Superman? Marvel Man and Mr Majestic are now both owned by the big two so it doesn't leave many options!

    I'd probably add in Aliens (from the movies) and make it a story of Kandor and Asgard under attack from the Alien race and uniting the two heroes.

  3. Pensol9:09 am

    Oh I'd LOVE that! Especially if Loki was behind it all and had spiked the Alien's acid blood with Kryptonite or something + making them physically strong enough to take on Thor. Interesting...