Saturday, July 16, 2011

DR OCTOPUS FASHION ICON? The First Wave Of Stussy Marvel Posters

A fan of the back-rowers, it always gives me a kick when one graduates to prime time. especially in marketing to new audiences.

Case inpoint; fashion label Stussy. When they came calling to the House of Ideas, Marvel ponyed up the usuals for a series of posters; Wolverine, Captain America, Ghost Rider, Dr Doom - and of course for a worldwide surf/street label The Silver Surfer and Punisher. 

The unexpected bit? They pushed aside some of their other industry leading costume designs, like Storm or Spider-Woman, and gave the remaining spot to Dr Octopus. No not Spider-Man - his bowl haircut sporting, multi-armed nemesis. Doctor. Octopus. And you know what? It has to be the coolest of the series...

These posters were sadly never for sale, and one was only given to fans who who posted photos of themselves with their favourite Marvel merchandise. Bonus points were given if they also posed in the iconic brand's signature graphic language.

While Doc Ock would've definitely been my pick, I think I would've bribed someone to slip a copy of Frank in too. Just look at him;


  1. the Punisher one is by far the best.

  2. I know, right Dave - It's like the unused cover to Punisher vs the Marvel Universe or something, with Frank standing over all those bodies. Or maybe just looking down and thinking. 'Man, I'm glad I don't have superpowers!'