Thursday, July 28, 2011

FINISH HIM: The Finale To Mortal Kombat Legacy (Video)

While a few of us left the game on pause while we made a quick snack or impromptu bathroom break, that's nothing compared to the month cap creators of ultimate fan film Mortal Kombat Legacy put in between their previous episode and this, their Comic Con released finale.

If you need a catch up on what went down previously you can find the rest of the series here - or you can just bone-crunch your way into the action of Cyrax vs Sektor by making with the clicky right here...


  1. Need to catch up, i think i stopped at episode 4

  2. To e honest IFF - in the month between the last episode and this one I watched them all again too. Hopefully they do more, but stick with a small cast.

    Can never have too much Kano!