Sunday, July 24, 2011

FLUFF FREE COMIC CON 2011: Cable Returns And Marvel's Ones To Watch In 2012

If the League's mystery female in the post below had folks guessing on the DC side of the fence, flipping over to Marvel it was their teaser
"_ _ _ _ _ Reborn" by Ed McGuinness and Jeph Loeb that got tongues wagging. Today the most suspected candidate was confirmed;

Touted as "the Captain America of the X-Men" by Loeb, whose first Marvel book ever starred the former leader of X-Force, Jeph continued to say the series would live up to the 'Reborn' statement and make waves across Marvel. Asked if Deadpool will also join in he responded "You've got Ed McGuinness, so..."

While it is exciting to think how Cable will view the new X-Force and the x-landscape in general, Editor in Chief Axel Alonso stated Cable wasn't the only one to watch for in 2012, and highlighted fellow Marvel icons Hope, Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye to break out in the year ahead.


  1. one of my all-time favorites. Not for Cable himself mind you, but the motley group that chose to follow him. Marvel, please bring back Domino?

  2. I agree Craig - mine was always Warpath. Hopefully all the original X-Force/Cable New Mutants will bet a look in!!