Saturday, July 23, 2011

FLUFF FREE COMIC CON 2011: Cyclops and Deadpool Teasers Lead Post Schism Havok

Marvel is consistently pointing out this weekend that events Fear Itself and the X-Men dividing Schism end at the same time for a reason - one that is monumental for Marvel. (Spoilers for what follows).

With the recent SDCC X-Men panel they went one further with the tease that Cyclops might not be around after Schism, but rather may have his ideals represented by somebody else.

With preview art suggesting Emma Frost, and also a spotlight on brother Havok, you can be sure regardless of if Cyke buys the big one after his difference of opinion with Wolverine or goes AWOL, next year will belong to the X-crowd.

Other key points include: Uncanny X-Force will be shaken up post Dark Angel Saga with one apparent addition being Iceman * The FF will cross both X-23 and into writer Victor Gischler's X-Men * X-Men #1 turns 20 in October and will be re-released with Jim Lee's art re-coloured * The two post Schism X-Men team line-ups were teased (left) * 'Dead' written in the Deadpool logo font was marked with 'February 2012'.


  1. Man you've been busy with the posts. I can't keep up just reading them and sure as hell gave up trying to keep up with you on our site.

    This X-split really makes me want to just go out and pick up every X-title again (right now all I get is X-Force). I can't wait to see what happens next.

  2. Yeah Craig - every year Comic Con gives out so much cool stuff it's hard to put it all in the one post!

    I'm the same as you though - at first I was just looking at Wolvie's X-Men as I'm crazy on anything Bachalo draws, but looks like Juggernaut is in Emma's team from the teaser - and that just might be all kinds of cool.

    Thanks for the great comments!

  3. I didn't notice Juggernaut! How is that possible?
    I'm sure I love this one just by his presence... Yeah... I'm not partial at all :p
    I don't like the last stories in X-men books so I'm also just following X-force, but I picked Uncanny 540 because of Juggernaut.
    I hope this after Schism will bring more Professo X, which lately is just a shadow in the wall of this stories. For me he is fundamental in X-titles.

  4. Well if anyone deserves a few fans Aliera, it's Juggy.

    I just hope post Schism centers the X-line into a tighter unit going forward with not so many plot points on the go. I think that's part of what makes X-Force so popular. It's pretty much A-list X-Men in one team going for one goal.