Tuesday, July 26, 2011

PASSPORT STAMP: Jeff Bond, Chip, Sourabh Upalekar, lenin3D, ElvenBrit, Cecil Disharoon, Corey Breen, Dale Bagwell, Benjamin, Tre Haus, and Peyman Sedighi

Time to put the posts on comic and illustration fat-free goodness aside for a moment and welcome ten new peeps who've clicked 'follow' and staked their claim in the contents of IADW! Let's meet them;

First up we have illustration fans Peyman_Sedighi and Tre Haus (awesome tag you got there Tre), 3D art fanatic Lenin3D, and fan of customised creations ElvenBrit. Follow that bunch with Cecil Disharoon from the land of Twitter, pop culture fans Benjamin and Jeff Bond, as well as Dale Bagwell, creator of my latest internet addiction Mr Morbid's House of Fun and you have one awesome group indeed!

Add to that illustrators Sourabh Upalekar (website), Chip Boles (website) and Corey Breen (website) and forget it - I'm one extremely happy and flattered little blogger!

Welcome to IADW folks and thanks for the support - Glad to have all of you onboard!

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  1. Hey, thank you for the add. It's always nice to get new people in on my mix. Thanks for the shout out and props. Feel free to stop by and comment anytime.

    And your 'site's not bad either.....