Saturday, July 02, 2011

SATURDAY NIGHT SNEEK: Greg Capullo's Batman Sketch

This week, I could nay find a comic preview that knocked my socks off to the point my feet got cold without them. Changing tack a bit, I'm running with this shot of the Dark Knight, done by the man jumping onto the art chores of September's new Batman #1, Greg Capullo.

It's not a preview of the book in any way, shape or form, except an early indication of how Greg treats Gotham's best. Make that a smiling Gotham's best - and you know when Bats smiles, pain usually follows - the semi-sadistic millionaire that he is.

For more bat-sketches and other Capullo cool, hit the jump.


  1. really great, reminds of Alex Ross, but without the paunch he gave everyone. I like to think the smile is more a smirk, like, "Betcha didn't think I'd be waiting in your safehouse for you, did you?"

  2. Thanks again Adam! You're right - I can just see up and coming crime thug thinking his den is undiscoverable when he turns round to see this image... looking forward to September!!