Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1 SLEEP TILL DC 52 Preview Art: Roger Robinson On Mr Terrific #1

Continuing the visual countdown to the biggest move in comics since weaponised jewellery, I'm turning to Roger Robinson and the long overdue solo title for Michael Holt - the modern Mr Terrific.

Even though the absence of the JSA from the starter's line-up has since been explained, I still can't take my eyes off this title. Holt was the best update Geoff Johns introduced to the Society in my books (sorry Stargirl) and I hope enough people take a chance on this title and give him enough smarts to get past issue twelve.

Sure it may be hard to sympathise with the worries of a brilliant minded, playboy millionaire, but hey, it worked okay for that grittier hero (and Karen Starr will be in this book too)!

To familiarise yourself with more of Roger's great work both past and present, click the jump.


  1. Be advised if you or your readers are Googling this series and use the name "Michael Holt" to filter out references to the Golden Age character that there will be a new prime time television series in the US this fall about a character with the same name who, coincidentally (?) is a doctor mourning his late wife.

    And didn't Johns inherit the character from Ostrander?

  2. He sure did pbl - from the legendary Spectre duo of John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake in issue #54 of the Spirit of Vengance's own book. Sorry when I said Geoff introduced to the Society I meant more bringing into the pages of the Society then creating him.

    How fluky is that TV show though?? That is almost a little too close for comfort. Still I'm sure if that Michael pulls a 'T-sphere' out of his pockets, Warners will have the lawyers on speed dial.