Thursday, August 25, 2011

6 SLEEPS TILL DC 52 Preview Art: Yanick Paquette's Swamp Thing

Continuing the visual countdown to the biggest move in comics this side of Calvins outside the Levi’s, here is a preview page from the second issue of a title I'm almost literally tearing my hair out to get my hands on, artist Yanick Paquette and writer Scott Snyder's Swamp Thing.

Hooked by that black and white beastie? Well here is a shot from Swamp Thing #1, just as tasty, for all you RGB fans;

Get your daily recommended intake of Yanick penned stunners right after the jump.


  1. It's done. This one just jumped to the top of my must-read/buy for the new 52.

  2. the Brightest Day Swamp Thing Aftermath mini is something of a mixed bag as far as how it's being received. i didn't feel compelled to buy issue 2 after having read issue 1. but the ST relaunch looks pretty promising none the less. especially if the writing is more of a Allan Moore kinda style that'll go over really well with old school ST fans. along with Suicide Squad number one this'll probably be on my list of DC relaunch titles to pick up. good job on this posting Dan your a credit to your country and to your species. and by species i mean comic book fans.

  3. Glad it has Doug! For me it sits level with Grant on Superman... It's just great to see a killer creative team back on DC's black sheep global icon, and mixing with other's of his kin in the regular joe DCU again.

    [Plus Yanick's take on him is already iconic and issue 1 isn't even on the shelves yet! He actually looks like a swamp - thing. The page layouts on his website are insane too so be sure to check the link.

    Dave, yeah mate, you know my love of Swamp Thing stretches back to the 80's, but I gave that book a wide birth. Maybe I'm getting old and cynical, but Brightest Day was touted as a year long tale, then suddenly it's getting an aftermath? It seemed to work against the original plan.

    Having read Synder's Detective Comics and been frightened for the first time in years by a comic, I cannot stress enough how much I'm waiting for this book. 5 gets you one it outdoes the League at least once in the first year.

    Comicus fanicus? A species? I guess! I'm no Magneto though, but then again he is in your icon...

  4. I agree with Dave; The aftermath issues are just an effort on DC's part to extract even more money from their already taxed readers. They should have just told the whole story in the 1st place, isn't that why there was 24 issues? Back in the day it wouldn't have taken that long to tell a proper story. See, somethings just don't get better with age.

    The ST pics look sick though; I laughed at the scene where there are dead bats all over Bruce's car. I don't envy Alfred for having to clean all that shit up! HA!

    As for ST outselling the new JL, maybe JLI, but not JL; Johns and Lee name alone will outsell this new title, but in the long run maybe not so much. Wait and see I guess.

  5. Haha Dale I didn't even note the car - but you're right Alfred's gonna be one unhappy chappy!

    As for stretched out stories I get that they are focusing on trades but come on - we are becoming a channel surf generation. People who can't go through an ad break without getting bored are supposed to wait 6 months for a whole story? It just doesn't add up.

  6. That bloke'd better not be afraid at all, and be generous with his beer.

  7. Ha - I didnt even se that Aliera - but you are right. Mind you being a Swamp Thing must be thirsty work!