Wednesday, August 24, 2011

7 SLEEPS TILL DC 52: Preview Art From Tony Daniel's Detective Comics #1

What Lantern Corps does the new DC 52 bring out in you? Rage? Hope? Fear? Love? Willpower? Or is avarice forcing you to collect them all?

As for myself, in showing compassion for the biggest move in comics this side of, well the first time DC had a Crisis of Infinite Earths, I'm going to post a random shot of freakishly cool DC 52 art a day, as I excitedly count the sleeps to the big bang of Justice League #1.

First up, this mega-splashie from Tony Daniel's Detective Comics #1 (Hey, what DC alphabet doesn't start with 'B' for Batman?).

Tony Daniel's inspirational blog is right after this jump.


  1. that's a great splash page! i think it's been so over due for Batman to have have had his costume be more reflective of the movie style. i'm really surprised DC didn't do that sooner. although the classic costumes of most of DC's mainstream characters have held up well over the years that whole grey and blue color scheme for Batman man shouldn't have made it out of the 80s. the all black look was a no brainer.

  2. Pensol9:44 am

    Batman: to me, he is to comics what Meshuggah is to metal. That is an uber splash, that is.

  3. Thanks guys! Glad you loved Tony Daniel's amazing art - I think his work on the bat books as an illustrator has gone from strength to strength on a pretty much monthly basis!

    I agree Dave, I'm glad they have gone with the current look too - never got the whole yellow oval thing. I know in the books it was used to draw gunfire, and out of books Denny O'Neil has said it was as a registration check against printing so much blue and dark colours, but to me it looks best gone.

    And while I'm in the agreeing mood I'll jump on your bandwagon to Pensol. I never got growing up why every artist you read an interview with was dieing to draw the X-Men. Awesome characters, locations and villains I know but I just felt like saying 'Yo! Have you forgotten Batman is over here?!"

  4. man, that just makes me want to get my hands on Arkham City that much more.

  5. Pensol9:29 am

    Well, there just needs to be a Batman/Wolverine crossover STAT. But damn, who's @55 would they kick?! Offhand I can't think of the villainous DC/Marvel hookup that would be a match for those two!

  6. Pensol9:31 am

    Wait I've got it: the Joker & like all of Hydra. That oughta give Bats and Wolvie enough to do!

  7. Wolverine Batman aye Pensol! Hmm who would I use? I'd probably use Lady Deathstrike and have her Japanese/reaver background bring cyborgs and ninjas to clash with Talia and Ra's Al Ghul, with Bats and Wolvie trapped in the middle.

    What do ya reckon?