Monday, August 22, 2011


After I finish watching an Iron Man movie I always think the franchise is one of the best comic-film adaptations yet. Then I see this Iron Man II number by Tyler Stout and the Iron Man spread beneath it by Jesse Philips, and I think they might be my favourite fan posters yet. What's the moral of all of this? I've gotta stop absorbing so much Iron Man and let other heroes have a chance!

Boy I wish Marvel would adopt the logo of that last one! So many comic logos don't look like comic logos anymore. Still to see the colour variants of each ironclad poster, as well as a whole other world of cool, just click the jump.


  1. I was never a huge fan of the Iron Man films...I got a little bored with them to be honest. The first film was good during the first half hour or so, but after the story of Tony Stark in the cave is done, everything else becomes nothing more that wise cracks and explosions that I don't feel works very well as an exciting film.

    But to each his own. I personally think that the X-Men franchise and Nolan's Batman franchise is the best in the business. Hopefully the third Bat-film will hold up! (fingers crossed.)

  2. Cheers to that!
    (And Dave I still don't drink):)
    I cross my fingers with you on that, even if there is no riddler after so many tease about it.
    About the posters, they are great.
    I really loved the first one.
    It's so well drawn, you can easily recognize every actor/actress.
    The logo at the 2nd was very nice but the first look I gave it, I read Tron. For any other strabicish people in the planet, maybe they could distance the "I" from the "ron"

  3. Thanks for the comments guys!

    I hope the third Batman film hold up too Jimmy - but for me my biggest hopes are for Man of Steel. That just has to kick all other competitors into the waste basket.

    I'm not sure who my favourite comic film franchise is, it differs after watching different films. A lot of the best never got sequels. Still with the 'B listers' still to come the best is yet to come I reckon!

    I agree Aliera - Riddler would've been awesome - but I have a feeling the film will have a pretty major twist to it that no one sees coming or has heard about - so who knows?

    And now that you mention it, I see 'Tron' too!