Wednesday, August 17, 2011

COVER SHOTS: The Best From Image Comics' November 2011 Solicitations

Image Comics' November solicitations are once again chock full of #1's for fans old and new to latch hold of, as well as the next installments of proven solid reads like Morning Glories, Walking Dead and Spawn. Of all the hits lining up to be fired at ya come November, these four covers pack the biggest punch;

COVER OF THE MONTH: AMANDA CONNER - PIGS #3 The cover duty of PIGS in three short issues has already become a 'whose who' list of illustrators. The way Amanda Conner captures so much in so few lines, only makes me wish she was doing a monthly book again for the million and tenth time.

CLOSE CONTENDERS: Michael Golden - Spawn #213, Jason Howard - Super Dinosaur #6, and Stjepan Sejic - Artifacts #14 (now ongoing)! For the full Image Comics November run down, click the jump.

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