Monday, August 22, 2011

FANTASTIC FOUREVER! Justen Ladda's Mural Illusion Brings The Thing Right At You

Swordsman or Dr. Doom, if you're a nasty in the Marvel Universe and you see The Thing running towards you with a fist or two clenched, you shake a little. Somehow, that's what I think artist Justen Ladda had in mind creating this illusion of the Fantastic Four mainstay in 1981.

This mighty mural was done at PS 37 in the Bronx, New York.

Carefully rendered using pigmented shellac and both latex and tempera paint, this 'behind the scenes' shot shows how Justen made it look like the Thing is running straight across the chairs, right for that guy who keeps talkin' during the film (now there's a fiend)!

See more of Justen's work after the not so optic illusional jump.


  1. That's fucking cool! done in '81 you say? Simply awesome!

  2. Ain't it Dale?! I totally agree. I'd say it was done with the help of an overhead projector, but hopefully it is still intact now!

  3. I'd love to see this done with more Kirby art, actually directly from Kirby art. Hell throw Neal Adams, Gil Kane, Jim Stranko, and Gene Colan in there too!

  4. Gene Colan would rock Dale - or Neal's infamous Batman running on sand image!

    Nice choices mr. If I had to add anyone I'd probably put in Art Adams!