Monday, August 29, 2011


Sure at the Fan Expo in Toronto last week, Fantastic Four costume redesigner Marko Djurdjevic left Marvel with a public tirade even your friendly neighbourhood pop diva would be proud of, but for me the airing of behind the scenes differences was trumped by one fact uttered by writer Jonathan Hickman - She-Hulk will be returning to the team and staying for six or seven issues.

Shulkie's stint with the team while The Thing was off-planet (and even when he returned) back in the infamous John Byrne era is where I both stepped aboard The Fantastic Four as a reader and first met the Jade Giantess as a fan.

Marvel's #1 female heroine, after all the recent changes both Jen and the four have been through of late, this news feels like a homecoming that can't come fast enough. Plus it's presumably She-Hulk drawn by the astonishing Steve Epting - who doesn't want to see that?!


  1. You'll love it Craig - all the big characters inn the franchise are comin' home, and if this leads to a She-Hulk/Dr Doom brawl - well that will just be a greater adjective then the one used in the books title!