Thursday, August 04, 2011


Doesn't matter whether you are talking a galaxy far, far away or a corner store that's right next door, there are few things in life that haven't had the Star Wars logo stamped upon them. Still this mock-up by Johnny etc shows one thing that hasn't been made reality yet, but really, REALLY should.

Ice cream with little wee chocolate frozen in carbonite Han Solo's - mm-mmm - tasty!


  1. "carbonite crunch" that's great word play! by the way Dan i'm sorry for going off topic here but i gotta say so far i'm pretty underwhelmed by these production shots of Bane. who knows maybe i'll feel differently later but initially i'm not thrilled.

  2. Hmm. Now I have to look into how to make my own chocolate molds. I'm totally into the idea of making tiny little chocolate carbonite Han Solo's.

  3. Yeah I like carbonite crunch to Dave! As for Bane I'm thinking that Mask is going to look wicked on film. Hopefully the costume will pop on screen when we see it with all the professional lighting and everything thrown in. Am-Cam can always be deceptive!

    Plus there has got to be a bulking up scene - or at least I hope so - maybe even if he has to eat this ice cream to do it!

    Random, if you do make one you have to capture it so I can post it up. IADW maybe pretty crowded with posts but there's always room for Chocolate!

  4. I saw this post first thing this morning and dug out my anime Boba Fett tee-shirt to wear (vacation rocks). Went to lunch, shopping, and to a movie with the Mrs. (kids were off with my aunt for the day) and a teen cashier gave me a "I love the shirt, very cool".

    Like Dave, I'll go off-topic and say see Cowboys and Aliens if you get a chance. It's really good. Harrison Ford is the man in any film, and Daniel Craig kicks ass whether he's wearing a tuxedo or a cowboy hat. Great flick.

  5. Pensol4:13 pm

    I bet the deal is being made even as we speak. ^_^

  6. Thanks for the heads up Craig - I watched/watch everything Daniel Craig is in (even prior to him being a 00) so have definitely booked a few popcorn dollars for that. At the moment I'm in training to run a 12k enduro event - so after next weekend I'll probably need a decent movie while I recover!

    Plus, us Dan's have to stick together!

    How about that too Bobba Fett - cross generational cool. I get the same when I wear my Muppets Tee out - I've even had offers to buy it off me! Crazy :D

    Pensol - you know what - I think you just might be right!

  7. Pensol8:53 am

    It seems like a natural - Ben & Jerry's plus Star Wars. I'm surprised they didn't do it years ago, really.