Sunday, August 07, 2011

FLIGHT PLANS: The Alpha Flight #3 Preview

'Hug a Puck Day', coming soon to a Canada near you. Seriously, if you haven't picked up an issue of artist Dale Eaglesham and writing duo Fred Van Lente and Greg Pak's shonky-government-turned-against-it's-heroes mini series Alpha Flight, you are missing out one one of the best sources of comic fan love going down at the moment.

This week the third issue from the heart-throb that is Marvel has the captured Flight crew breaking free, as well as one or two bones in the process. Only catch, the wayward Unity Party still has some leverage left to play and it may be more than the Alpha's can handle. To get the inside scoop, click to enlarge the issue's preview below.


  1. hey this was a cool read thanks for sharing. i really dig Marrina's new look! the tattoos, the midrift , the sharp teeth and nice booty make for a good combo. by the way Dan this would be a good time to tell you that i also saw #1 and 2 of the original John Byrne Alpha Flight in that $1 bin yesterday. according to the owner of the store they weren't there by mistake.

  2. Ha - no worries on that front Dave! I think that's the benefit of being a fan of titles other than those that include 'Bat' or 'X' in the title - back issues are a steal.

    Still you never know what will happen in the future. I mean Aquaman comics were probably in bins even labelled cheaper than that a few years back, and now I'd say people will be moving those back issue prices up as the new Johns/Reis #1 gets closer.

    Nova, ROM, Alpha Flight, Doom Patrol - greatness is rarely defined by price tag - it just makes it more of a bargain as I'm sure you agree!

  3. I want to hug a Puck!
    Yes, I love Marina's new look. She's still as scary as ever, but she has definite appeal now.

  4. Thanks Random - more than that to me she fits into the team a lot more now too. More heroes oughta go punk!