Thursday, August 11, 2011


Despite fighting an alternate version of Simon Williams in the final issues of Force Works, Century has been revealed as part of Wonder Man's new crew, The Revengers. Super-folk Simon hopes will help stop the Avengers wrecking the lives of those around them.

Yeah, the concept isn't 100% waterproof to me either, especially as their debut appearance in the preview below for New Avengers Annual #1 shows Wonder Man grimacing more than a Rob Liefeld comic and mentioning the Scarlet Witch, once the love of his life, without any compassion at all - but Century is back baby!

While you'll be forgiven for not remembering him that clearly, the axe-wielding alien made from 100 members of a doomed alien race is actually one of the more public Revengers, also having had a reoccurring role in the Iron Man cartoon of the 90's.

As my ultimate weakness of that era, Force Works slid to a close, I was adamant the teleporting Century was Avengers bound - but no such luck. Seeing if this or his burgeoning love of the Scarlet Witch (and what role the Avengers played in her fate) factors into his new allegiance has deffintily got me on board for this story arc, if not only to see where it takes him.

The final nail of the piece? The art is by Gabriele Dell’Otto - and as this preview shows he's comin' out swinging once again!

For those keeping count at home, other Revengers include;
Anti Venom - the guise of original Venom Eddie Brock
Ethan Edwards - a Skrull who crashlanded on earth and was raised by farm folk like a certain Kryptonian
D-Man -  former wrestler turned protector of a colony of sewer people
Atlas - the Kirby and Lee created Thunderbolt founding member
Goliath - ex-military soldier, killed by Thor clone in Civil War
Devil Slayer - former hit-man with mystic cloak and arsenal
Captain Ultra - with powers like the Vision, he led part of Iron Man's The Initiative, and clashed with Stark when two of his students died in order to protect those who survived.

Two giant men in one team? Looks like 'Earth’s Mightiest' have just met Earth’s deadliest, and something tells me I'll be surprised at who is left standing when they part.

New Avengers Annual #1 by writer Brian Michael Bendis, lands in September from Marvel Comics.


  1. Pensol4:28 pm

    i am so buying this.

  2. You and me both Pensol! You and me both.

  3. me too, simply for the beautiful art, and the team assembled here. Sure they'll lose in the end, but damn is it going to be fun to watch the ass-beating they initially dish out.

  4. Pensol11:23 am

    yeah. Like the JLA the Avengers have always been especially tasty to me, whatever the incarnation.

  5. Plus I like the sub premise of a 'revenge of the nerds' kinda feel. Those underdog vs jock scenarios always get me rooting for the little guy... especially as it looks like Thor won't be in the Avengers post Fear Itself...

  6. How is Bill Foster back in action. . .? Or is that NOT Bill?

  7. If it turns out to be a Skrull I'm going to scream - still you know that Bill Foster, a bolt of lightning and a funeral (which sounds like a movie title gone wrong) can't keep him down!

    Or maybe it's his son/uncle/identical twin. I've watched Days of our Lives once or twice. I know how Identical Twins can have great timing!

  8. This Annual was a while ago - and I cant recall how it ended...did the Revengers just get this one appearance?
    Thanks for the roll call anyway - for the life of me I couldnt tell any of these villains apart from each other, so innocuous they are [not to mention the murky art, which was difficult to see].
    One thing I loved about the issue tho - finally, finally Wonder Man got what was coming to him...tbh I have NEVER liked this hero, even back with his 'bromance' with the Beast back in the 70s. He has always had that 'too good to be true' vibe I detest, and it was him coming between his 'brother' Vision and Scarlet Witch that ultimately spelled doom for the marriage. I liked Wanda and Viz together!
    I did like how the other Avengers turned on him...if you asked me they acted like they tolerated him all those years.

  9. It seems like The Revengers never went further than this and the annual that followed it Karl, so sadly Century and co might just fade back to where they were. As for Wonder Man and Vision, Vision is the best Avenger going. Anyone who makes his life rough has to come off second best just because of that fact I reckon.