Sunday, August 21, 2011

MAKING A MARK: 相 Ai-Eye - The Japanese Lady With An Eye For The Autobots

Twice a week, Making A Mark gives an insanely talented artist some IADW brag-space. Today goes to 'Ai-Eye', a lady whose artistic heart beats for two loves; Batman and the Transformers. While you ponder why that crossover has never taken shape, I'll chuck out a sample of each, so you can see how her passion is worth fighting over!

Ultra Magus and Prime - now there's a dynamic duo. Not only did Ai-Eye sketch out the above, she coloured it as well. Well, when you're wielding the skills to colour a piece like she has the Autobot leaders there you would, wouldn't you? Time for the next level in cool...

Now see? That's where things become criminally unfair. How she captures so much, with such fine line work is crazy! Whenever I try to do the same, I always end up cramming in more detail then if I'd tried not to. Plus look at how she transforms both capes of DC's biggest icons to convey their characteristics... all class.

As for something a bit more personal, feast your optics on this;

Titled Hang On, this Autobot/Decepticon rescue effort was done by Ai-Eye three weeks after the recent earthquake in eastern Japan. She writes; "At this time more than 27,000 people were reported killed in the earthquake, and Fukushima nuclear plant is still in a severe situation. However, the disaster area is beginning reconstruction, step by step. Japan is grateful to all the many countries that supported the victims. We will never give up!"

For more of 相's work, visit her online gallery after the jump.


  1. that Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus rendering at the top is insanely awesome! aside from being talented i wonder if the artist is hot too?

  2. that last pic looks like promo art from the original animated movie. She's just amazing.

  3. Dave - that's the piece I first saw when I discovered her portfolio. In the UK Transformers comics Ultra Magnus had allot more of a spine than he did in the US material, so seeing him again made me go back and read them all over again.

    I think where possible I will start posting pictures of the profiled artists too. I can't find one of Ai Eye on either her Japanese or English online portfolio, but going forward it will be a good way to help acknowledge the work shown.

    Craig, mate you would like her portfolio a lot. It's only small compared to others I've featured, but she really digs other transformers like Cliffjumper and Thundercracker, plus her shot of Optimus and Megatron sitting on a chair draped in the American flag is all kinds of cool.

  4. I'm looking her up. She's got the classic look down perfectly.