Sunday, August 07, 2011

MAKING A MARK: Keron Grant - Pitting Prime Against Storm Shadow From On High

Twice a week, Making A Mark gives an insanely talented artist some IADW brag-space. Today, it's the turn of Keron Grant - a Jamaican illustrator based in the U.S. who describes his work as "pure undiluted inspiration liable to cause dreams, hallucinations" Like the man said;

If you didn't click to enlarge that wee beauty above, consider yourself officially deprived. The level of detail Keron crams in is off the hook!

With a huge amount of variety in his portfolio, Grant also masters toning down the detail to add more punch - literally and figuratively - just like that time he had Optimus Prime deal to Storm Shadow...

Yeah, Shadow might need more than a few ninja stars to beat Prime outta this one! Seeing how much more speed and action the sketch-lines add, makes me want to try a little of the same style.

Speaking of lines, you have been reading this post and not focusing on the curves of the girl no illustrator's portfolio seems to be without, Elektra, haven't you? It's okay - I can forgive - but you see what I mean about versatility don't you?

Another talent Keron has is not letting the colours overpower the image itself. His Crayola range is quite retro in tone, yet suits to add 'realism' to each subject he tackles. Oddly enough, having said that, it leads us right back to the big man himself; 

See - the Man of Steel done right always looks heroic, even when deep underground smiling in the face of mini-rockets! Picture perfect stuff. 

To grab some more eye candy from the pen of Keron Grant, you can either order a copy of his sketchbook DOPE at (or just chill in the online gallery of) his personal website right after the jump.


  1. I think that's one of my favorite pics of Electra.

  2. Thanks Craig - It's good to see a softer side of a ninja trained assassin now and then isn't it? I thought so too.

  3. The last one with superman reminds me of an ultra old superman cartoon, where superman inclusively battled Hitler's troops.
    It has that diferent time feeling.

  4. It does doesn't it Aliera - like it's 60's art or something. Mind you it also to me has a little Frank Quietly in it too, so maybe it's the best of both worlds!

  5. Perspective of Superman is my working place wallpaper as of now :)

  6. Great choice Aliera - Mine's one of the new Green Arrow covers for the DC 52. I swear by the time the book roles round I'll have at least one office member hooked ;D