Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MAKING A MARK: Matt Soffe - The Man Making 2000AD Here And Now

Twice a week, Making A Mark gives an insanely talented artist some IADW brag-space. Today goes to Matt Soffe - an illustrator from the grand ol' U.K. whose art not only stomps Brit pop over IADW, it pumps a few rounds of 'Holy $%$#' through your retinas at the same time.

God we had it good in the 80's. Originally an ink drawing, Matt's munch-ready Alien hits home how much the sci-fi nasty is missed, while using strong lighting to tease the violence that's about, ohh three seconds away. Let's see the Annihilators take them on!

While Slaine was always my pick of the 200AD franchises, their universe has some of the best visual concepts going. Vertigo's Hellblazer with all it's damnation and demons, fits right in. Can you believe that was a Christmas present for some lucky person?

As for the main man of 2000AD, well he's right here...

The fact this will never become a street-art poster for the upcoming Judge Dredd movie is a crime even Mega-City One wouldn't allow. A strong Jock vibe to it sure, but when is that ever a bad thing?

To visit Matt's online gallery, click 'I Am The Law!'


  1. That Dredd art is perfect. And that Alien print, don't get me started. I was too young for Alien in the theater, but I did get to see Aliens on the big screen. Those were the days when Horror meant something.

  2. I know from previous comments you share my love for good horrors Craig! When the wheel turns back our way, we'll create a blog titled 'I Told You So'!

  3. I'm up for it. Let's bring good horror back to the masses.

  4. Pensol4:53 pm

    They're making a new Dredd movie?? Please God don't let it suck!

  5. Yeah Pensol - that they are - Karl Urban from Red, the Bourne movies and DOOM is playing the lead role - and he's al the way from here in New Zealand!

    Will be interesting to see him do Judge Dredd gruff but I'll have the first trailer as soon as it hits here on IADW!

  6. Just stumbled across this and wanted to say a huge thank you for the plug, appreciated mate!

  7. Hey Matt! Awesome to have you drop by and thanks for the positive feedback! You do great work, and it's my pleasure to help give your talents a bit more room by showcasing a few of them here! I hope it nets your work some fresh eyes!