Wednesday, August 24, 2011

MAKING A MARK: Memed - The Turkish Lad Who Proves Psylocke Is Watching You

Twice a week, Making A Mark gives an insanely talented artist some IADW brag-space. Today goes to Memed - an illustrator from the heart of Turkey, whose Omega Red you may remember from my Least We Forget post, but whose Psylocke you will never forget.

I think these two symbolise one of the things I like most about Memed's digital style. The way he says everything about the character with static, action-free poses. 

The Spectre in all his otherworldly judgemental goodness is serene yet eerie, while the mass murdering Omega Red's threat level is conveyed by having planted Wolverine's 5ft nothing body deep in the snowy tundra. Need more proof? How about two heroes known for the way they bust a move, the lose-limbed Spider-Man and The Flash.

Iconic huh? That black kit Spidey has gone on to become my home wallpaper and it kicks tail each and every morning.

Switching trains of thought, as if ordered to by a ninja trained telepath, going forward I will be posting a pic of Psylocke by every 'Making A Markist' (where portfolio's allow) - to both provide a point of contrast and do my addiction justice. For Memeb he throws Betsy to the Savage Land, where she can really steal your thoughts...

Definitely not a lady you wanna cross in any country. I wonder if we'll see many folks who draw a version other than Jim Lee's - and more to the point; do we want them too?


  1. Memed is the man! Love, love the artwork. He definitely should be working for the big 2 right now!

    Perhaps you could be his agent?

    I agree with you on the awesomeness of the Black Spidey/Flash art, but I'm really loving the Spectre. They're all desktop worthy.

  2. Nice choice! Spectre, Dale is one of my top DC characters - probably the one left-out I wish had their own book in the DC 52 most!

    Glad you doug Memed's style, he's definitely worth an agent's time. Not sure I could get him the break he deserves, but hopefully it's not far off!

  3. Does Memed have a website or deviant site?

  4. Yip he sure does Dale, just click the clink at the base of the post, or visit !