Wednesday, August 17, 2011

MAKING A MARK: Uwe de Witt - The German Artist Putting Words In Scarecrow's Mouth

Twice a week, Making A Mark gives an insanely talented artist some IADW brag-space. Today goes to 'Spacelord' aka Uwe de Witt, a German storyboard artist whose steady stream of character based sketches on his personal blog, may favour characters who live in the dark - but only in the best possible light.

At any size that's one mean looking Scarecrow, but if you click to enlarge you'll see the pink vapour comes from the word 'fear' sitting eerily just inside the 'crow's mouth. Speaking of mouth's; check that Venom! Done right he sure stacks up as one of comics best creations. 

IADW has been a little too Psylocke free of late, so seeing the ninja trained telepath fresh from kicking mobster butt fills the gap just nicely. As for bullet-proof Luke Cage, I know a few bland walls around my city that could do with that type of graffiti art - Sweet Christmas!

Ghost Rider and Psylocke in the same post? Talk about a double word score! This shot of the Spirit of Vengeance reminds me of studying the tool paintings of Jim Dine in school. While I don't think Johnny Blaze would ever call his alter-ego fine art, it sure makes for one hot poster!

For more from Uwe de Witt's personal blog and weekly sketches, just click I need My Spawn Fix!


  1. That is some truly sweet, sweet art! Nice to see a fellow German make news for something good rather than....well you know.

    Why Marvel or DC hasn't snatched this guy up already Idk, but they should! Gabrielle D'otto, watch your ass~

  2. Glad you like em Dale! I've been meaning to post Uwe's work for a bit - especially that Psylocke!

    Is your site non-commentable now?

  3. Psylocke has been missed. Love this style, especially the Ghost Rider piece.

  4. Thought you'd agree on the Betsy thing Craig! Thanks!