Wednesday, August 24, 2011

PARALLEL EARTHS: DC Fifty-Too Lets Artists Create Their Own Remade Universe

Imagining who would make your DC 52 seems to be the internet's favourite game right now, heck I even did my Marvel 52 a few weeks back, just to make the ground even!

Over at the new and spiffy blog DC Fifty-Too however, they take the game one or two artistic steps further, having a range of awesome illustrators hand in a cover concept for the title they wish was a part of all the relaunch wonder.

Featuring everyone from Dex-Starr to Lois Lane, Blue Devil to the Blue Beetles, my collection groans that Robert Wilson IV's Kamandi isn't truly a part of the real DC's starting line-up. Some Kirby concepts should never be left on the shelf!

The independent artists new offerings will continue up to the end of August, when the actual DC 52 launches with Justice League #1 (over 200,000 copies ordered so far)!

My pick so far, Matt Kaufenberg's House of Mystery. Not only is it more humourous all-ages cool, it features the Martian Manhunter and combines two great pop tastes in one flavour, with a giant gorilla whose brain's in a dome! Who can argue with that?

Get your fill, visit DC Fifty-Too after the jump.


  1. I liked Supergirl/Batgirl

  2. Hey Aliera - that was quick! I only hit post a few seconds ago :D

    You must be reading too much Flash!

    I like that too - It's the little touches that get me most though, like having Deadman's chainsaw read 'Kihl' - clever stuff!

  3. I like the Deadman one too! I'd be more inclined to give the new 52 a chance if these were the titles we had to look forward too, otherwise I'm proclaiming the reboot a bust. They didn't really need to do this if the whole Superman trademark thing wasn't an issue.

    What kid wouldn't love the animated House of Mystery? J'onn would be trated better there than the Stormwatch title's he's going to be in.

  4. I've been rereading a 1986 special issue of AMAZING HEROES, a US fanzine that discontinued in the 1990's. The entire issue was devoted to taking stock of the then-recently completed CRISIS ON I.E. event. At the time fandom had a million questions about changes being made to the DCU not the least of which was, "Who's still in it?". The reason I bring this up is the article "Crisis Obituaries" by Mark Waid and Mike Tiefenbacher. I got stuck on the first line:

    "The following pages contain career histories of the 52 individuals who met their final fates in Crisis On Infinite Earths and whose adventures will no longer be chronicled by DC comics." It's actually 42 deaths, plus 10 retirements/deactivations and a note about Wally West switching to Flash (i.e., 'killing' the Kid Flash identity). Has anybody noticed any earlier examples of the fetishization of the number 52? I mean, aside from that old spoken word single, "Deck Of Cards"? I understand the logic of the weekly series that followed "Infinite Crisis" and coordinated with the "One Year Later" event. But everything since then? Is DC trying to start their own religion?

    The link was cool. It reminded me of "Wednesday Comics".

  5. LOL!
    I was bored at work. (Amazing!)
    Opened your blog and read it! Had no idea you were just finnishing posting. Indeed I missed noticing the "Kihl" in the chainsaw.

  6. Although I'm not completely sure since I was a kid then and only read sporadicaly, I think there were already 52 realities before COIE.

  7. Hey pblfsda, welcome to IADW and thanks for the awesome comments! Jim Lee has said they chose 52 because it is a historic number for the company, so you could well be right!

    A religion where the churches have paintings of the Legion of Super Heroes and Challengers of the Unknown on the walls might be too hard to turn down come to think of it as well ;D Let's see how this 52 turns out... will look forward to your thoughts!

    Aliera - IADW doesn't condone you reading the blog alone during work time - grab your boss and get them reading too - or make it a staff activity!! It'll feel so much better!

    Cheers all!