Saturday, August 20, 2011

PASSPORT STAMP: Cyanide, Swapnil Nilkanth, Sameer Kulkarni, Petescadas, Invision Comics, Santosh Dinkar Pujari, Paul A. Malchow, Onkar, Barry Michael Govan, Raghavendra Kamath, Abhijit Kalan, Dougie

It may be a Dan's World, but you guys are the folks that make it spin. The thanks up in the top right never loses it's meaning, and when you like what you see enough to click 'follow' well, that quite frankly rules. Now, let's meet the handful of folks who are the most recent adventurers to do just that;

First up we have pop culture and illustration fans Cyanide, Swapnil Nilkanth, Sameer Kulkarni and Petescadas. The folks behind Genacy Invision ComicsSantosh Dinkar Pujari, plus Paul A. Malchow.

Illustrators Onkar (website), student Barry Michael Govan (website) and from Mumbai Raghavendra Kamath (website) and Abhijit Kalan (website) and last but by no means least Scottish lad Dougie, owner of the blog Some Fantastic Place - and what a true title it has too.

Welcome to IADW folks! Glad to have all of you onboard!

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