Saturday, August 06, 2011

SALES PITCH: The Top 6 Comics Of July 2011

Being able to do 'whatever a spider can' came in handy in July, the second month in a row Spidey stuck to Diamond Comic Distributors #1 spot, thanks to The Amazing Spider-Man #666 (still blessed with the industries best logo too!).

Outside the launch of story-arc Spider-Island, rivals DC may of had an equal share of the top ten - narrowing the unit share sales gap between themselves and leaders Marvel to just 8.83% - but when it came to the Top 6 things were a little more one-sided.

THE TOP 6: 1 Amazing Spider-Man #666 2 Captain America #1 3 Fear Itself #4 4 Flashpoint #3 5 Green Lantern #67 6 Daredevil #1

MY THOUGHTS: While news of DC's new 52 didn't see a mass exodus from it's current range, IDW grabbed the #3 publisher spot! IDW's line gives me the great feeling I got from Dark Horse in the 90's and hopefully this result will only become more frequent in the months ahead!

Plus Spider-Man beat a movie audience inflated Captain America #1 by a pretty substantial margin. Ed Brubaker's Cap stories are guaranteed gold, so is fandom is finally favouring more humorous heroes again? Boy I hope so. Grimaces - be gone!

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