Thursday, August 18, 2011

THE SPIDER, THE BAT AND THE BUMBLEBEE: The Amazing Chalk Art Of Julian Beever

I imagine the frustration we all had as a kid being bumped while drawing (or even as adults for that matter) is nothing compared to that of a chalk artist when it rains. Still Julian Beever braves the elements to create some amazingly complex 3D illustrations on pavement, pavement that if otherwise left unmarked, you and I would just walk right over. Like Spidey for instance...

Not only is the crowd in that Batman and Robin number a flawless victory, I dig how Julian works himself into the art as part of the composition. And who doesn't wanna be saved from a burning building by the best in the biz?

If your thoughts as to what the English artist did to top that lead to 'have an 80's icon come out of the subway, offering a heavily trademarked fizzy beverage' you were right.

What's that little girl? You wish Michael Bay had gone with more classic looking Transformers for his movies? Me too little girl, me to.

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  1. A new wallpaper!
    That is amazing!
    I'd love to have mY picture taken while Batman and Robin came to rescue me!

  2. You are right liera - there's a market for interactive comic art you can photograph yourself into!

    Imagine standing in a shot where it looks like a Sentinel is about to grab you in the middle of a war with the X-Men!

    That would be awesome!

  3. that little girl is me by the way

    1. Wow that's awesome - thanks for commenting Jazmyne!